Luke 12:35-48 all wRAP-ped up!

Yo! Yo! Yo! My Heavenlies!

If you’re ready for the SHOW                                                         (v35 His appearing)

And if you’re doing what you KNOW                                            (v47 His will)

And you’re always in the FLOW                                                    (v42 Serving)

Then you’ll have the GET-GO!                                                       (v38 Heaven-ward)

Food, drink and possessions He will BESTOW!                      (v37, 44 Rewards)

(Angelic riff-t)

But if all the above is a NO!                                                            (v45 Dis-believing)

Then you’ll receive a heavy BLOW!!                                            (v47,48 Punishment)

YO! Dig it!                                                                                            (Eternal death)