Whoever does not…is not able to be My disciple.

Whoever does not…is not able to be My disciple.

Whoever does not…is not able to be My disciple. 

Three times Jesus spoke this way, as He turned around and spoke to the many crowds who were journeying along with Him (Like 14:25-35).

Are you just journeying along with Jesus OR, are you coming after Him, as His disciple?

Are you a disciple?

Do you have supreme love for the Lord, hating or disregarding even your closest family members, if they be hindrances to this love, hating even your own soul-life should it get in the way?

In your consideration of, and calculating the cost of coming to Christ, will you take up and carry your own cross, having the commitment required, and the capacity to commence, continue, and complete the course and cause of coming after Him, all the whilst, being carefully observed and critiqued by the curious crowd?

Will you, in surrendering your self-life, be the useful ‘salt’ you were summoned to be? 

Loving Him supremely will help you count the cost. Counting the cost will help you to surrender most completely. Complete surrender will help you to be all that God has purposed you to be.

v. 34.”Therefore the salt is excellent in its nature and characteristics and therefore well-adapted to the purpose for which it is in existence.”

Salt distinguishes itself in the giving of itself.

It’s time to end the journey and begin the life!

Whoever does not do these things…is not able to be His disciple.