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A Word of Encouragement

Refers Luke 15:1-32

Do you recall the Day you caused a stir in Heaven?

The Day when you as the one sheep of the hundred was found by Jesus who put you around His shoulders, and who rejoiced over you!

The Day when you as the one silver coin of the ten, that the Holy Spirit took responsibility for in finding, lit the lamp, swept, and searched and found you, and rejoiced over you!

The Day when you as the younger son, that the Heavenly Father once had, who, when He saw you return, had great compassion, and put on the biggest celebration there was, and rejoiced!

That was the Day you realised that you were lost.

That Day you knew you had no means in yourself of ever being found.

As that lost sheep, you realised you were estranged from the others and alone, and without knowing which way to turn, and you knew that you would be lost and alone forever.

As the lost coin, you realised you could not move, out of your own efforts, from out of the darkness, and that you were now hidden by the dust and debris, and cracks in the house floor, and lost forever.

And, as the younger son, you realised that you had wasted your life and had spent your last penny, that wasn’t even your own to spend, and that there was nothing to show for it at the end, and your life, as you knew it, was near over, forever.

But you came to your senses, and purposed in your heart to return and be found, knowing your unworthiness, and knowing you could do nothing to save yourself, and that you would be lost forever without Him. But you were willing to be just a slave, if your Father would have you back.  

That was the day, called “Today”, that you as a sinner, repented.

And the stir in Heaven? Well, that was the Day that Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Father went calling the redeemed saints and the angels to rejoice with them, over you. You, who once was lost, but then was found.


By the By

Would you consider speaking in tongues if your life depended upon it?

Well, your spiritual life does depend upon it… Jude 1:20 1 Cor 14:18