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THOTS Small Thoughts: R.I.P.

Refers Luke 16:19-31

There were two names recorded in the Deaths Column of the Judean Despatch that day…

The first name listed in the paper was easily recognisable by everyone who saw it there; of a named certain rich man, who had habitually dressed in purple and fine linen, and who joyously lived in splendour every day.

The other man listed, was unnamed, unknown by anyone, obviously poor and uncared for. And had been ill for some time.

The five brothers of the rich man attended his fabulous funeral and gave him a rich sending off. For he was a son of Abraham and knew of Moses and the Prophets.

On the other side of town, another body lay, limp and lifeless, that of the poor man, dumped ingloriously for no one to see. There was no one in attendance at this man’s ‘funeral’, and no words were spoken in his defense.

It was not realised by the five brothers, nor anyone else who congregated at the rich man’s funeral, that their rich brother had met the other man, on a daily basis even, at his own door step. Though nothing was exchanged between them. No comments passed. No dialogue engaged in. No morsels of bread given. No bandages were offered. Nor were there any regrets.

After the funeral, the five went about their usual buisness…

And GOD went about His!

Up from the grave he arose, God knew where this poor man lay, and where the unmarked tombstone was, and sent him more than just one angel to carry him home, to his FINAL resting place, within the bosom of Abraham, in the Paradise of God. There he obtained his comfort and God’s tender mercies and was attended to by all those who received him there. And his cause was spoken of and defended by even Abraham himself. For the poor man was known by name, he did have worth, and identity with God. His name was Lazarus, and still is.

R.I.P (Rest in Peace) Lazarus, whose name is recorded in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

R.I.P (Rest in Punishment) A certain unnamed rich man, who had shown no compassion, no mercy and no action to the least of them, who let the deceitfulness of wealth and the desire for other things, choke the word that he knew, so that he became unfruitful, and ended up in the very place of unfruitfulness, yet receiving in himself the ‘fruit’ of his deeds, where he continues to live unto himself, but now in the place of all discomforts and outpourings of torments and agony, in Hell.



(Refers Luke 16:1-18)

Whom are you serving?

Do you also detest, that which God also detests in His sight, that which is highly esteemed by man…the service to wealth?

Are you zealous and loyal in attachment to wealth, do you have affection for it and are devoted to it?

THEN, you regard God with contempt and disgust and loathe Him!

Are you passionately affected by wealth and do you have a feeling of warm personal attachment to it, and a strong liking for it and take great pleasure in it?

THEN, you dislike God intensely and feel extreme hostility toward Him, and detest Him.

It is impossible to serve two Masters!

A servant can only serve fully in one household, he cannot serve across two.

But faithfully, as sons of light, use the wealth of unrighteousness here and now, to make friends, before it fails.

And these friends will receive you into the eternal dwellings, where there is true riches, and you will have that which becomes truly your own, there.