Refers Luke 17:22-37

Jesus told the disciples to be remembering Lot’s wife (v32).

To be remembering means to, with effort on your part,  keep recalling in the mind and retaining in the memory.

So, let us again remember what happened to Lot’s wife.

She looked back!

And in so doing, was declared unfit for the kingdom of God (see Luke 9:62), and, whilst escaping the initial brimstone and fire judgement of God that fell on Sodom, she yet condemned herself, by turning back to the things that still held her heart in that place, and so she became a forever testimony, to salt that has lost its savour, fit for nothing, but to be cast out and trampled upon.

You can take the woman out of Sodom, but God couldn’t take the Sodom out of this woman…because she herself held on to the goods and things that were already being judged and under judgement! And those invisible ties bound her to the same fate!

Let us not be found wanting…to those same ties that seek to bind.

Do a quick stocktake now, while there’s time! What is your treasure here and now, and where is it? Is your heart being affected by it?

How will you know?

If your house was burning down with all your goods and possessions inside and you happened to be outside in the garden, escaped, would you be turning back to rush in to try and save any of your goods? Beware!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also! (Luke 12:34)

If you manage to escape the fire and brimstone, don’t let the salt consume you!

Be a ‘pillar’ in His kingdom, not one on earth.

Jesus said, “Whoever seeks to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses, will preserve it.” (v33).