Refers Luke 19:1-10

Mathematically speaking…

Jesus entered Jericho and was on a straight line passing through.

A man named Zaccheus was a pivotal figure in his profession, who with great interest, added much to his riches every day.

Zaccheus being of a somewhat reduced disposition, wanted to see who this Jesus was.

So he formulated a theory that entailed him ascending a sycamore tree.

This higher altitude would serve his purpose well.

So he calculated the distance to the tree and set his course, running ahead of the crowd.

Zaccheus had counted on the fact that he would intercept the group  in order that at last he would see this Jesus for himself.

Jesus came, and to his surprise stood beneath the stem and leaf tree, calling to him to come down, for Jesus was to stay at his place that day!

What were the chances of this confluence? What was the probability? This was a paradox that seemed somewhat irrational. He was amazed. Who was he that this event should occur and unfold before him? The implication was massive. And the odds, somehow, now greatly in his favour. It all seemed quite surreal. What could this Jesus see in him? Surely this was more than just a random act of kindness.

So, the only rational course to take was to come down straightaway.

Zac was nimble, Zac was quick. Zac jumped out from the Sycamore stick.

He quickly gave to Jesus the area co ordinates to his place in the field, and after doing a quick triangulation from Jesus to the tree to his house, they proceeded at a canter on their way. Even the angles in the sky were looking on, intently, to see how this would turn out.

But, when the others saw what had transpired, they became irrational and incongruent with Jesus purposes. They were a cross-product and a dense set! They did not circumnavigate about the bush. They took the devil’s pitchfork and extrapolated it out toward this cardinal sinner man, and came straight to the point, carrying on in continuum about his faults and failings, saying that he was dysfunctional. But they were an empty set. Some things they spoke were true, but other things were merely a fibonacci sequence of untruths.

The Sine Law had had its way though in Zaccheus’ heart. He came to realise his finiteness and the inequality that existed between himself and others, and especially between him and the Lord. He realised his failings and his general position and that he had been on a slippery slope and even in a hole. He knew that he was a complex number and that he had just been thrown a curve ball. But what they were saying were the undisputed factorials in his case! He could not deny this, and so he re-focused, did a 180 turn-around and intended to make amends there and then. He did some quick calculations and would now divide up his possessions and give away half of these to the poor, and four times the amount to any he may have defrauded. For this was now the new rule of law in his heart, of things he must do. This was very intentional-these were real numbers, not imaginary. Jesus had read him like an open set. Up to then, everything had revolved selfishly around him. He had diverged from the path of righteousness, and had now come unstuck. Jesus visit had certainly stretched him, but oh, what a transformation!

The inner product of his soul had been revealed. Zaccheus was now back on track as a son of Abraham, he who had been mean and the subject of higher criticism and logic had now come around to the higher purposes of God, and was completely transformed and transfixed by Jesus. Now, far more than just an average tax collector, Zaccheus had received multiplied spiritual benefits and true valuestemming from his salvation. The sphere of God was now back in his life.  This was now no unproven theorem! Zaccheus was now in complete order, in regular symmetry and he was now able to function with true unction! This had brought much needed closure back into his life.

Truthfully speaking…Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost.