Refers Luke 19:11-28

v13. (Jesus said) Do business with this (one mina) until I come back.

After Jesus returns and receives the kingdom he orders each one of his slaves to give an accounting of what he has gained in business, trading with the one mina (v15)

The first slave ordered to account to the Master, said that his Master’s mina had made 10 more. That’s a 1000% increase! The Lord loves things that come in 1000’s!

That slave, the first one called, who had made 10 minas more, was the only one commended for being “faithful” and “good” because of it. He would have been strict, thorough, reliable and true.

The pattern was 10 minas more…then 5…then a gap to the one who made nothing.

That leaves 7 slaves to fill that ‘gap’, who, according to the pattern Luke gave us, would have made less than 5 by a factor, and all the way down to zero.

Perhaps the majority then just put it in the bank?

Are you trading or banking?

Or have you done nothing yet with what you have?

Be banking on the One whose one mina it is in the first place, that contains within it the kingdom power and authority to multiply even to a factor of ten times more! 10 slaves have a potential to bring in a total of 100 more minas for the Master. That’s 100 + the 10 original = 110. But the world wants to give 110%.

1 mina…1 city.

That’s one mean-a city!

God strongly desires many

cities to be in His kingdom!

What will you bring in?

1 mina…60 shekels…1200 gerah!

You don’t just have just 1 mina…you have 1200 gerah!

Be faithful…do the business…every day is a “trading” day…not just once a week.

Like Jesus, be about your Father’s business, and see the kingdom of God grow! Jesus had “traded” with Zaccheus. The kingdom grew by another one? No, the kingdom trade that took place had a ripple effect out to all the poor people affected by Zaccheus’ decision to give to them half of his possessions. And it didn’t stop there! The ones who were defrauded by him would also get payback many times over. What an advance, through a simple trade! Like Zaccheus, now is the time! Now is the day of salvation! Make the most of the opportunities given you and trade!

“As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” (1 Peter 4:10)

“The manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal.” (1 Cor 12:7)

“As to each God did deal a maeasure of faith.” (Rom 12: 3)

Be faithful in being pragmatic with your “trading”, and make

the most of trading each day and every day for the Master.

He deserves it! He expects it! Yea, He demands it!

You can do it!

So, do it!