What ‘seat/s’ of grace do you occupy in the theatre of your life?

 From Romans 12 (Row 12) and verses 3 to 9

“…but to be thinking with a view to a sensible appraisal of himself according as to each one, God divided a measure of faith. For even as in one body we have many members, but all the members do not have the same function, thus, we, the many are one body in Christ, and members severally one of the other.  Having therefore gifts differing according to the grace given us, whether that of prophecy, prophesy according to the proportion of faith, or serving, exercise that gift within the sphere of service, or teaching within the sphere of teaching, or he who exhorts, within the sphere of exhortation, the one who distributes of his earthly possessions, in the sphere of an unostentatious simplicity, the one who is placed in a position of authority, with intense eagerness and effort, the one who shows mercy, with a joyous abandon. Love, let it be without hypocrisy.”

What is your GREAT Primary Motivator? What ‘seat’ (above), in the Body, do you ‘sit’ in?

G is for the one who Gives.

R is for the one that Rules or Administrates.

E is for he who Exhorts.

A for the one who Attends to, or who serves.

T is for Teaching.

P for Prophesying.

M for the one who shows Mercy.


 But don’t think these seats are for “sitting” in. Oh, no! Far from it! 

Consider using the seats as an exerciser would when doing “step ups”.

On the top of the ‘seat’ you will read how to ‘exercise’ your gift.

 Notice how the bar at the back connects all the seats together? It is grace.

“We have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us.”

And according to this grace given to us, each of us is to exercise that gift bestowed.

Notice also, how “God has allotted to each a measure of faith”, as seen in the arm rests.

Lastly, notice how we are to be“grounded and rooted in love”, as depicted by the end stands and base.

Brotherly love. Love without hypocrisy.That’s what supports us and maintains us and keep us all up!

You have what it takes! God has already implanted within you those gifts that others need.

And they have gifts that you need. And what the world needs. Stay connected. “Step up!”