I’ll have a Heavenly McFeast Combo please, and hold the fries!

A man went in to a well known drive through and asked for a Heavenly McFeast.

“Hi Sir, welcome to McJohnalds. What would you like to order today?”

Good morning. I’ll have a Heavenly McFeast please.

“Would you like any lies with that sir?”

No, no. Just the truth, straight up, thanks.

“Any shrinks to go?”

No, I’ll just have the burger.

“Will that be on leavened or unleavened buns sir?”

Unleavened thank you.

“And the patties, how would you like them cooked?”

I’ll have my patties, well done, good and faithful please.

“Will there be any Special Source with that?

Oh, yes please. Lots of annointing.

” Ketch up?”

Yes, I’ll have the Catch-up whenever it occurs thank you.


I’ll just have the garden variety please.

“That’s one Garden of Edam then.”

“And because you’ve been a Gouda customer,

I’ll throw in an extra slice for free!”

Thank you, that’s very nice of you.


Are they Egyptian?


Then I’ll just Pass on those, thanks.


Are they Egyptian?


Then my judgement is no also.


Just water thanks.

“With or without lice?”

Are they Egyptian?


Without thanks.

“Any lettuce?”

Yes, let us pray.

“Oh, you can pray at the next window, sir.

Drive through please.”

(drives to next window)

“Hello Sir, that’ll be $10 please.”

Is that Egyptian?

“Yes, of course.”