PRAYER My words, My cry, My voice. Ordered in the morning to You. I will watch.

GOD’S CHARACTER and COMPANY No wickedness. No evil. No boastfulness. No iniquity. No falsehood. No bloodshed or deceit.

AS FOR ME I will enter in and bow in reverence for You. Lead me. Make Your way straight before me.

AS FOR THEM Unreliable. Inward destruction. Open grave throat and tongue of flattery.                                               

PRAYER TAKE ACTION Hold the rebellious guilty. Let the rebellious fall. Thrust the rebellious out.

PRAYER  Let all who take refuge in you be glad and ever sing for joy. Shelter them. To exult in You.

PROCLAMATION You bless the righteous. You surround him with favor as with a large shield.

This Psalm is to flute accompaniment.  The sound made by the flow of air across an opening; a vibration. The use of the flute first mentioned in 1 Samuel 10:5 in use with prophesying, and later with groaning and praising and joy and dance and worship. Yet a lifeless thing, until a distinction of the tones is played and made known. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! May the breath you exhale from the chamber of your being, cause distinctive praise to come forth, and in the process, may His Spirit turn your mourning into dancing.