The UPS and DOWNS of Jonah

First he went UP to flee from the Presence of the Lord.

Then he went DOWN to Joppa.

He got onto a ship headed for Tarshish and went DOWN into it.

Then the Lord hurled a great wind on the sea, and Jonah went UP and DOWN on it!

The sailors became afraid and became very DOWN about what was UP.

The crew lifted UP the cargo from the boat and threw it DOWN into the depths of the sea to lighten the ship.

Jonah was DOWN in the hold of the ship and had lain DOWN to sleep.

The captain went DOWN to him and told him to get UP.

What was the solution to this problem?

They picked UP Jonah and threw him DOWN into the depths of the sea.

However, he was picked UP and swallowed by a great fish DOWN there that the Lord had appointed.

Jonah had prayed from deep DOWN in his soul to the Lord, and the great fish vomited him UP onto dry land!

The second time the word of the Lord came to Jonah and said, “Get UP, and go to Ninevah!”

So Jonah got UP and went.

Jonah went crying out “Yet forty days and Ninevah will will come DOWN!”

The people of Ninevah and the king got UP from their places and immediately fell DOWN in fasting and prayer.

God relented concerning the calamity when He saw what was UP with being DOWN.

But then Jonah got UPset and prayed to God, saying that he was not DOWN with what had just happened.

Jonah was angry and so he went east of the city and sat DOWN to see what would happen in the city.

God asked Jonah if he had good reason to be angry.

God then made UP three more appointments for Jonah through a plant that came UP overnight, a wiggly worm that brought the plant DOWN,

And a scorching east wind with sun beating DOWN on Jonah’s head.

God had showed His great compassion for Ninevah, and for Jonah.

God still relents concerning calamity.

When it does come, and things come tumbling DOWN around us,

What is UP with us?

And how should we respond, deep DOWN in the depths of our soul

To God?