The word of YHWH which came to Hosea consisted of some 185 “wills” of God.

God is sovereign.

He will have righteousness and justice and peace!

Consider the following list of willful sins committed by the northern tribes of Israel as recorded in Hosea:

Will we match up?

ISRAEL’S SINFULNESS: Harlotry-forsaking the LORD/Bloodshed/Adultery/Silver and gold used for Baal/Nakedness/Lewdness/Gaiety at their own feasts and assemblies/Her lovers/The bow-sword and war/Other gods/Swearing/Deception/Murder/Stealing/Violence/Consulting wooden idols/Liquor/Pride/Satisfied/Forgot God/No loyalty/Transgressed the covenant/City of wrongdoers/Dealing falsely/Bandits raid (crime)/Lies/Consumed their rulers/Rebelled/Insolence of their tongue/Rejected the good/Set up their kings (not by God)/Silver and gold idols/Hired lovers/Forgotten maker/Built luxurious palaces/Fortified cities/Listening not to God/High places/Wickedness/Trusted in their way/Numerous warriors/Deceit/Unruly/Merchants with false balances/Wealth for self/False prophets/Exalted himself/Make for themselves molten images, idols.

GOD’S CHESED: His covenantal, loyal love. Unswerving love and undying devotion. He is faithful and kind though we be faithless and unkind. Committed by covenant, enduring in passion. Everlasting in duration.

“For the ways of the Lord are right, and the righteous will walk in them, but transgressors will stumble in them.” (The last words of Hosea).

How will we walk?