Have you ever been told to get up and make your bed?

Have you ever told someone else, a son, a daughter perhaps, to get get up and make their bed?!

The apostle Peter went to Lydda (Acts 9:32) and “there he found a man named Aeneas who had been bedridden eight years, for he was paralysed. Peter said to him, ‘Aeneas, Jesus Christ heals you. Get up and make your bed.” Immediately he got up. And all who lived in Lydda and Sharon saw him, and they turned to the Lord.”

So, what does it mean to “get up and make your bed”?

Certainly this paralysed man knew this bed as his ‘home’, for the last eight years of his life. It wasn’t a bed in his home-it was his home. The sheets about him were his everyday garments, protecting him, keeping him warm. The pillow beneath his head was his comfort, if ever he could feel it or know it. He was conditioned to accept this circumstance which he found himself in, for eight long years. Until the day came, when he heard the power-filled words that spoke of a name, the name of Jesus Christ, the name that is above every name, and with it, the knowledge that the Person represented by that name, heals him, then and there, even from his bed.

When Jesus was in His twenties, some years before his public ministry, this man became paralysed. No doubt he was in the mind of God at the time when this happened, but it wasn’t until eight years later, at just the right time in the things of God, that Peter came and declared to him his healing. It was at that timing in God that ALL in the towns of Sharon and Lydda turned to the Lord as a result of this healing. Perhaps that wouldn’t have happened eight years ago, or seven years ago, or six, or until the heart of this individual had turned toward the Lord himself in his hour of desperation. Whatever the case may have been, he did receive healing and wholeness before the eighth year turned into a ninth.

But he was also instructed to ‘make his bed’. That which he had known as his ‘home’ and that which he had become accustomed to, he personally, now after his healing, had to deal with. He had to say to this place from where he had come; no more will you be my ‘comfort’ continually (for we even try to make ‘prisons’ comfortable for ourselves, if they possibly can be), no more will you be my garments about me, no more will you be my shield from the outside influences that might seek to get at me.

He had now received newness of life again in his physical body, his physical feeling returned, but he also had to ‘make his bed’ by actively dealing with his past and choosing to leave it behind him; to cover over old memories and hurts and wounds that he had known of, to let go for good, now and for all time, the old ‘garments’, that had reminded him daily and nightly of his low position and of his inadequacies and failings; of things he could not do.

He was now healed in his body and had to allow himself to be healed in his soul and in his emotions and in his mind. He was enabled to act upon this matter himself at the command of Peter by dealing with what had gone before and from where he had come from.

Aeneas could now throw off the old ‘garments’ and put on the new garments; the garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness. For so his name means: Praise.

Beds are for sleeping in, they are not for living in. Jesus Christ gives you wholeness and completeness. But you have to act on what has gone before and decide to let it go. So He can cover over the past with His healing love. To walk out of that old ‘living’ room and close that door behind you and walk on in newness of life.

So, if you haven’t already, be encouraged to ‘make your bed’. Let God help you to tidy up those areas in your own soul, in all rooms or chambers in your heart that you know you have left be ‘unkempt’ -disshelved, messy, neglected and ‘untidy’ and disordered. And let him bring order and completeness to all areas in your life. He can well do it. Then your healing and your ordered life, can be a testimony of His goodness and all that He can do for you and for others. All fear goes. Paralysis has to leave in Jesus’ name. Let go of the ‘comforts’ that are not really comforts after all and receive the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Know Him as your Shield about you, protecting you from all the abuse and hurts of the past, as you get up and walk on in forgiveness, leaving the old and walking in the new.

In His name…

Rise up…

And make your bed.