Paul’s letters (and Revelation) were written to a peculiar and called out people, of a particular PLACE:

To all who are beloved of God in ROME

To the church of God which is at CORINTH

With all the saints who are throughout ACHAIA

To the churches of GALATIA

To the saints who are at EPHESUS

To all the saints who are in Christ Jesus who are in PHILIPPI

To the saints and faithful brethren in Christ who are at COLOSSAE

To the church of the THESSALONIANS

John to the seven churches that are in ASIA

There is a belonging not only to JESUS the person, but a binding to a place, a purpose, and a pursuit.

A place of residence. A purpose to “be” all that He has newly made us to be. And a pursuit of Him amongst the brethren, in love.

It is about seeing His kingdom come. That is, His kingly-DOMAIN come! Here and now and in the future.

And His kingdom is about a person, a place and a power.

Where the Person of Jesus Christ is King.  Letting Him reign in/of/at/that geographical place where YOU reside. And letting the kingly power of God be being demonstrated, upon which our faith rests.

…with all who in every PLACE call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ...1 Corinthians 1:2

So, let His kingdom come and His will be done,

On EARTH (in Rome, at Corinth, throughout Achaia, of Galatia, at Ephesus, in Philippi, at Colossae, of the Thessalonians, in Asia, and at your place of ________________ too!).

As it is in HEAVEN.

Amen and Amen.