Hi. My wife Sarah and I live in beautiful Auckland, New Zealand. But wherever Christ is, that’s our “home”.

We are just passing through! It’s His kingdom we are seeking and His will being done, here on earth as it is being done in Heaven!

It has been said the Jesus is NOT coming soon. Instead, He is already on the way! We now live in Father’s grace and mercy ‘time’!

Let us have our lamps lit, trimmed and be found working with faith, when He comes.

This site is meant to be a very small contribution toward seeing people be encouraged, edified and exhorted, to take action, now, and be all that God has for them to be!

So, I am releasing my prophecying and teaching ‘grace-gifts’ (Romans 12) to this end, on this site, as well as in person.

Always be found, in Him.



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