Hi. And welcome to this site!

In short, my intentions are simple.

In response to the prophetic word to put out writings” onto the internet, I have started this site.

At the beginning, before the prophetic word, I was reluctant to use this medium at all, knowing that it would be like dropping another tiny drop of information into a massive ocean of writ. I have always seen the power of God manifest in the meeting of people face to face, spirit to spirit, in the power of His Spirit. And yet, with God nothing is impossible. Even the internet can be a vehicle for his doing.

So, in response to Hebrews 3:13, where we are told to encourage one another daily, that is what I have set out to do.

However, I let Scripture and the Holy Spirit do the talking!

I seek through this to edify, exhort and encourage.

Therefore on a daily basis (where possible), I will be keeping things as short as possible and to the point, to the best of my ability, just like Jesus did. No sense in waffling on, unless the Spirit takes me! There are currently 8 categories in which I write my “gleanings,” as I go through Scripture.

These categories are: THOTS (which are Small Thoughts), McCHUNKS (which are bigger thoughts), Questions for You (which seek to challenge you and where you are at, and stir you), Warnings! (where, as it says, there is no holding back, this means,” Be aware and take action now!”), Words of Encouragement (which serves to inspire you and lift you up to higher levels in Christ), Feasts of the Lord (which seeks to outline the Jewish Feast Days when they occur throughout the year and what we can take from them, NOW). By the By (which is basically anything from Scripture the Lord is speaking to me about to highlight at the time for y’all), and QUIPPING (which, as it says, is a somewhat light-hearted take on things from the Word. Jesus enjoys a good belly laugh, so should we!).

There will be, from time to time, various ‘books’ of my authorship put up under the “Free Book Download” tab on the site, and I will bring notification of these as a post on the day it goes up. My mandate here is “freely, freely you have received, freely, freely give”.

Lastly, my encouragement to you is to having been encourged, to go and do likewise for others, by encouraging them with all that God has deposited in your life and in your spirit. We all need it! God wants and needs to mature the Body for what is to come!

And by no means leastly, but indeed foremostly, be one who first goes, not to this site, nor to any site, without first having come to God, being diligent to be found in His Word and seeking Him. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Or in the words of the angel Gabriel to Roland Buck, “Read the Word, feed on it, let it become the Living Word to YOU, not just columns of truths and opinions of men.” He referred to Christ being known as a blackboard Christ, a diagrammed Christ, a printed Christ, or even as a flannel-graph Christ. He said that Jesus wants to be known as the Living Christ, coming out the pages of the Bible to us! Hallelujah!

Maranatha! Until He comes!